Extrafacial indolent CD8-positive cutaneous lymphoid proliferation with unusual symmetrical presentation involving both feet



Indolent CD8+ cutaneous lymphoid proliferation represents a recently described entity among cutaneous T-cell lymphomas that typically presents with solitary skin lesions on the face or at acral sites and usually follows an indolent clinical course. Histopathologically, this entity is characterized by a dense dermal infiltrate of non-epidermotropic, small- to medium-sized pleomorphic CD8+ T-cells of the non-activated cytotoxic phenotype showing a clear-cut grenz zone and a low proliferation index. Distinction from otherwise aggressive T-cell lymphomas bearing a cytotoxic CD8+ phenotype is fundamental. We herein present an unusual case of indolent CD8+ cutaneous lymphoid proliferation presenting in bilateral symmetrical distribution on both feet and lacking the otherwise described grenz zone. Our case widens the spectrum of possible clinical and histomorphological variations of this entity. Taking into account the distinctive and unique clinical and microscopic features of all hitherto published cases of indolent CD8+ cutaneous lymphoid proliferation we suppose that this lymphoma subtype has to be included as a new and distinct entity in the World Health Organisation (WHO)-/European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)-classification of cutaneous lymphomas.