• European Union of Medical Specialists;
  • EFCS;
  • cytology;
  • pathology;
  • training

M. Tötsch, C. Cuvelier, L. Vass and A. Fassina and on behalf of the participants of the UEMS Section/Board of Pathology meeting in Paris 2012 The UEMS Section/Board of Pathology, Chapter 6: Requirement for Recognition of Postgraduate Training in Pathology: a presentation of the Paris Document

After more than five years discussion the UEMS Section/Board of Pathology agreed a specification of requirements for recognition of post-graduate training in pathology, which is the key to the future of our discipline. The document published here, subject to ratification by UEMS Council, was voted on and accepted by the Pathology Board at the UEMS Paris meeting of 9 June 2012. Cytopathology is regarded as integral part of pathology: in general, training in pathology takes five years and maintains a common trunk of four (minimum three) years where surgical pathology, autopsy pathology and basic knowledge of neuropathology, dermatopathology and cytopathology are adequately trained and assessed. Training in so-called ‘areas of interests’ covers the remaining 12–24 months. Certificates of ‘advanced level of competence’ remain within the authority of national boards.

As senior members of its Executive Board, we believe that the European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS) should take responsibility for establishing 1) standards in the quality of cytopathology training, 2) training guidelines and qualification for advanced levels of competence in cytopathology, 3) manpower planning, 4) tutorials for pathologists and cytotechnologists and 4) standards of cytotechnologist training.