Appendix SA. Data on people who inject drugs used in estimates.

Table SA1. Data used to make estimates of the number of regular people who inject drugs (PWID), 2004–2010.

Table SA2. People who inject drugs.

Table SA3. Median amounts used on a day of use among those using in the past 6 months.

Table SA4. Median days of opioid use among users of different opioids, 2004–2010.

Appendix SB. Details of time series analyses of opioid prescribing.

Figure SB1.1. High- and medium-rate morphine prescribing states.

Figure SB1.2. Low baseline morphine prescribing.

Figure SB1.3. Low baseline morphine-prescribing states.

Figure SB2.1. Observed and predicted prescribing volumes for ACT, New South Wales and Queensland.

Figure SB2.2. Observed and predicted prescribing volumes for NT, SA and Tasmania.

Figure SB2.3. Observed and predicted prescribing values for Victoria and WA.

Figure SB3.1. High- and medium-rate oxycodone prescribing states.

Figure SB3.2. Medium-rate oxycodone prescribing states.

Figure SB3.3. Low-rate oxycodone prescribing states.

Table SB1.1. Regression results.

Table SB1.2. Overall rates of change after including interactions.

Table SB2.1. Regression results.

Table SB2.2. Baseline average values and monthly percentage change by state.

Table SB3.1. Regression results.

Table SB3.2. Overall rates of change after including interactions.

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