Recovery-oriented policy and care systems in the UK and USA


  • Preparation of this paper was supported by a Senior Career Research Scientist Award from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This paper represents the authors' own views and may not constitute the official views of any government or organisation.


The concept of recovery has been an influence on addicted individuals for many decades. But only in the past 15 years has the concept had a purchase in the world of public policy. In the USA, federal and state officials have promulgated policies intended to foster ‘recovery-oriented systems of care’ and have ratified recovery-supportive laws and regulations. Though of more recent vintage and therefore less developed, recovery policy initiatives are also being implemented in the UK. The present paper describes recovery-oriented policy in both countries and highlights key evaluations of the recovery-oriented interventions. [Humphreys K, Lembke A. Recovery-oriented policy and care systems in the UK and USA. Drug Alcohol Rev 2014;33:13–18]