• e-intervention;
  • alcohol


Introduction and Aim

Problem drinking is rarely identified unless health-care professionals are specifically instructed to assess alcohol consumption. Individualised web-based alcohol interventions provide opportunities to enhance screening and early identification. We aimed to create a web-based brief personalised feedback intervention to enable client-centred screening and self-referral by problem drinkers recently admitted to hospital.

Design and Methods

To increase transparency of the development process, this short report describes the theoretical underpinnings and development of ChangeDrinking including identification of needs and matching with resources, screening tool selection, and look and feel.


The website structure and content was modelled on motivational dialogue. ChangeDrinking is closely coupled to an independent questionnaire management system; this architecture enables internal logic to allow branching based on dynamic user inputs. The motivational underpinnings led to development of personalised predetermined dialogue with strong theory–practice links. Applying principles of conveying empathy and reflection was challenging within the confines of a predetermined dialogue. Reflective listening in ChangeDrinking does not extend to inviting statements of resistance to be entered.

Discussion and Conclusions

ChangeDrinking has become an optional component of routine treatment for patients with an alcohol-related admission in two large UK National Health Service general hospitals. [Bewick BM, Rumball K, Birtwistle JC, Shaw JR, Johnson O, Raistrick D, Tober G. Developing a web-based intervention to increase motivation to change and encourage uptake of specialist face-to-face treatment by hospital inpatients: Change Drinking. Drug Alcohol Rev 2014;33:674–7]