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Quality assurance for care of melanoma patients based on guideline-derived quality indicators and certification


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Background and objectives

In 2013 the first German S-3 guidelines on the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of melanoma were published in the framework of the German Guideline Program on Oncology. Quality indicators were developed at the same time as the guideline development process in order to implement the guideline recommendations.

Patients and methods

A multidisciplinary, interprofessional working group developed quality indicators following a standardized process.


Twelve quality indicators directly linked to guideline recommendations were generated and agreed on by consensus. They were integrated into the catalogue of requirements for dermato-oncological centers certified by the German Cancer Society.


The close cooperation between the guideline group and commission for certification allowed the guideline contents to be implemented in the form of quality indicators in everyday clinical practice. Adherence to the guidelines is required and continuously evaluated as part of certification.