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Figure S1 Sample-based rarefaction curves for a) all species, b) just endemics and c) just non-endemics across land-uses.

Figure S2 Sample-based rarefaction curves for all (a-c), endemic (d-f) and non-endemic (g-i) species across the different land-uses and regions: Montane (a, d and g), North (b, e and h) and South (c, f and i). Small-dotted lines show the 95% confidence intervals.

Figure S3 Effect of canopy cover on the endemic (a), non-endemic (b) and total (c) number of species.

Table S1 Characteristics of the bird species detected during the point counts.

Table S2 Bird species' observed abundance and frequency.

Table S3 Average number of species detected per point count across land uses.

Table S4 Results of the indicator species analysis.

Table S5 Models for explaining the proportion of endemic species per point count, ranked for AICc values.

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