Figure S1 Nested clade TCS networks based on mitochondrial haplotypes.

Figure S2 Mismatch distribution for geographical populations of the Light-vented Bulbul.

Figure S3 Allele frequency distribution test for signatures of recent population bottleneck.

Figure S4 Admixture coefficients for Light-vented Bulbul estimated using baps.

Figure S5 The best clustering value estimated by structure harvester based on results from structure.

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Table S1 Sampling information for Light-vented Bulbul.

Table S2 Parameters of migration for geographical populations of the Light-vented Bulbul.

Table S3 Phylogeographical modes inferred by Geodis Key based on NCPA results.

Table S4 Population parameters for geographical populations of Light-vented Bulbul based on 14 microsatellite loci.

Table S5 Results of Null Allele test by MicroChecker for each locus and population.

Table S6 Statistical power for detecting varying levels of FST.

Table S7 Detection of first-generation migrants.

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