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Appendix S1 Comparison of ‘regression residuals’ and ‘null model’ approaches to removing the correlation between FD and PD values with TD.

Appendix S2 Test of the ‘random loss scenario’ according to which rare or low-abundance species are more likely to be excluded from a community through chance alone.

Appendix S3 Comparison of Mean Distance to Native Species (MDNS) and Weighted Mean Distance to Native Species (WMDNS) metrics used to quantify the mean phylogenetic distance between iceplant and all other species present in a community.

ddi12124-sup-0002-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF32KFigure S1 Scatterplot of regression residuals (RES) and standardized effect sizes (SES) for FD and PD.
ddi12124-sup-0003-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF47KFigure S2 Relationship between species sensitivity to invasion and two metrics of species rarity - mean vegetation cover and frequency of plots in which the species is found.
ddi12124-sup-0004-FigS3.pdfapplication/PDF52KFigure S3 Scatterplot showing the relationship between Weighted Mean Distance to Native Species (WMDNS) and iceplant vegetation cover.
ddi12124-sup-0005-FigS4.pdfapplication/PDF37KFigure S4 Comparison of the mean number of annual grass species (Therophytes) found in plots with varying degrees of iceplant abundance.

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