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Table S1 Leach's storm-petrel and calanus copepod sample sizes and tissue type.

Table S2 Mean change in individual SIAR proportion estimates for sampled pre-breeding Leach's storm-petrels when comparing results between the original and sensitivity model (estimated Gull Island source δ13C and δ15N values and standard deviations).

Figure S1 δ13C and δ15N stable isotope values for breeders (bars; mean ± 2SD) and individual pre-breeders (filled circles) used in the “sensitivity” model.

Figure S2 Calanus copepod δ13C and δ15N stable isotope bivariate plot confirming the regional isotopic differences at this lower trophic level.

Figure S3 Sensitivity model results.

Figure S4 Mixing model proportion estimates and credibility intervals (25, 75 & 95%) for pre-breeding Leach's storm-petrels caught at three colonies (Gull Island – Canada, St Kilda – Scotland and Vestmannaeyjar – Iceland)

ddi12137-sup-0002-DataS1.xlsxapplication/msexcel56KData S1 Raw stable isotope data from bird blood

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