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Appendix S1 Coordinates, elevation and land cover of the point counts.

Appendix S2 Detailed methods.

Figure S1 Histograms of elevation, forest cover and sampling effort within the study area.

Figure S2 Relationships between temperature and abundance from fitted hurdle models for each study species.

Figure S3 Plots comparing probability of occupancy to probability of presence from the binomial component of hurdle models for the study species.

Figure S4 Plots of receiver operating characteristic curves showing predictive ability of the binomial part of hurdle models the study species.

Figure S5 Variable importance plots from random forest models that predicted deforestation in the study area.

Table S1 Projected reductions in the population size index and range area for the study species under climate and land use change scenarios.

Table S2 Land cover classification errors in Miettinen et al.'s (2011) dataset at our 149 sampling points.

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