This contribution reflects on the changes happening as transnational feminist movements engage in the shifting global dynamics and new forms of civil action that are changing the way movements operate post-2010. The focus of the article is on the transformation of an international women's rights network, the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). In particular, the author analyses the triennial AWID Forums as spaces in which feminists interrogate current social, economic and political changes. In a self-reflective examination of this particular feminist process, the author argues that AWID is an evolving blend of old and new civic action — on the one hand, keeping continuity with the values and principles of feminism, while at the same time disconnecting in its activities with old forms of organizing and mobilizing. Through this blend of old and new, AWID opens spaces particularly for young women to reconfigure power relations within and outside feminist movements as part of the post-2010 activisms.