dgd12043-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF192KFig. S1. (A, B) Represent comparison between control (agarose ball) and mESC-induced (P34) teratomas in Balb/c mice after 15 days. (C) Graph shows comparative analysis of weight and volume of mESC-induced teratoma and agarose plug alone (n = 3). Histological images of teratoma after H and E staining confirm the representatives of all three germinal layers: (D) ectoderm (neuro-epithelium and skin tissue); (E) endoderm (glandular and ductal tissue; gut-like structure); (F) mesoderm (immature cartilage); (G) mesoderm (vacuolar adipose tissue) (×10 magnification).

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