Top row from the left: Knock in in Silkworm, see Daimon et al., 14–25. Knock out in Xenopus laevis, see Suzuki et al., 108–114. Knock out in zebrafish, see Kawahara et al., 26–33. Knock out in medaka, see Kinoshita et al., 98–107. Middle row: Schematic drawings of the principal mechanisms of Genome editing by Zinc-finger nucleases method, TAL effector nucleases method and CRISPR/Cas method, see Mashimo, 46–52, and Mashiko et al., 122–129. Bottom row from the left: Knock out in sea urchin, see Hosoi et al., 92–97. Knock out in rat, see Mashimo, 46–52. Transgenic marmoset, see Kishi et al., 53–62. Gene editing mediated by CRISPR/Cas method, see Mashiko et al., 122–129.

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