The Turning of the Tide: Theology, Religion, and Economics


  • Joerg Rieger

    1. Joerg Rieger is Wendland-Cook Professor of Constructive Theology at the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. In his work he brings together theology and the struggles for justice and liberation that mark our age. Among his books are Occupy Religion: Theology of the Multitude (with Kwok Pui Lan, 2012), Globalization and Theology (2010), No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, and the Future (2009), and Christ and Empire: From Paul to Postcolonial Times (2007).
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Abstract:  Although capitalist free market economics is in crisis, its assumptions continue to shape not only how we do business or politics but also how we think and feel, and even what we believe. For theologians and scholars of religion this means that we can no longer do our work without taking into consideration what is happening in the economy and how it affects us; before religion can become part of the solution we need to understand how it has become part of the problem. This article investigates how economics has shaped religion and theology and develops alternative perspectives.