dmcn12323-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document27KAppendix S1: Genetic analysis.
dmcn12323-sup-0002-VideoS1.m4vvideo/x-m4v5670KVideo S1: The patient is seated. This video demonstrates the continuous fine chorea of the hands and fingers. In addition, dystonic posturing of the neck, trunk, and upper limbs is also observed with posture.
dmcn12323-sup-0003-VideoS2.m4vvideo/x-m4v9072KVideo S2: This video demonstrates the patient mobilizing in a straight line. The patient is asked to run in order to further highlight her features. Here, dystonic posturing is evident in both the upper and lower limbs, but is more marked on the left than the right side and increases with speed of movement.

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