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[ Cover image: Lissajous figure.Credit: Ted Kinsmas/Science Photo Library. ]

Diabet. Med. 29, 1477 (2012)

The common use of a tuning fork is as a standard of pitch to tune other musical instruments. The Lissajous tuning forks were invented in 1855 by Jules Antoine Lissajous and are part of an apparatus for the visualization and analysis of vibrations (

Familiar to those working with people with diabetes, the tuning fork, together with a 10-g monofilament, is also used to determine foot ulcer risk. In this month’s Diabetic Medicine, the use of a pocket-sized disposable device (VibraTipTM) and the Ipswich Touch Test are evaluated for testing sensation in a person living with Diabetes (Bowling and colleagues, page 1550 and Bracewell and colleagues, page 1553). These alternatives are reviewed in the accompanying Commentary by Neil Baker below.