Type 2 diabetes prevention


Diabet. Med. 30, 1 (2013)


Cover image: Computer artwork based on an x-ray of a group of people completing a race. Credit: Gustoimages/Science Photo Library

The Hindu physicians Charuka and Sushruta, approximately 1000 BC, commented on the ‘honey urine’ of two causes ‘passed from one generation to the next in the seed’ and the ‘injudicious diet’. They also highlighted that it was most common in people who are overweight and have a sedentary lifestyle and went onto emphasize the role of physical activity in the treatment of the disease. Evidence-based medicine has now caught up with these wise Indian sages with the demonstration that, in those people at high risk, increasing exercise and attention to diet can substantially reduce the chances of progression to Type 2 diabetes. However, the real challenge is to implement lifestyle programmes in the real-world setting and derive similar benefit. In this issue, we have a special focus on Type 2 diabetes prevention, of which, the guest editorial and all the review articles are free to download.