Walking the Walk: Putting Design at the Heart of Business


  • Paul Gardien,

    1. Member of the Philips Company design board, responsible for the strategic planning of the design function, the design research and innovation program, the development of new business, and the design service portfolio. He studied industrial design engineering at the University of Delft in The Netherlands, specializing in the use of computer-aided design tools in the design practice. He has worked in Philips Design in a number of different areas, ranging from product design and user interface design to multi-media and internet design, both in the professional and consumer domains.
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  • Ferdy Gilsing

    1. Senior manager of design strategy and innovation at Philips Design, responsible for design function strategy development. He works to integrate design thinking and competences in Philips's strategy process. He also leads design programs in the area of innovation and consulting. Gilsing holds a master's degree in design management from the European Institute of Brand Management, specializing in embedding design to improve business performance. He was educated as an industrial design engineer at the University of The Hague, graduating in 2000.
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Design thinking comes to Philips, the health and wellbeing company.