Touching Evidence


  • Gill Wildman

    1. Co-director of Plot London, a design innovation agency working with companies and not-for-profits, helping them to work together better and make things people actually need. Wildman builds on years of innovation strategy work for companies such as BBC Innovation Labs, Nokia, Samsung, NHS, Virgin Atlantic, Innovation RCA, Design Council UK, and Humanising Technology. She was recently Nierenberg Chair of Design teaching design strategy as a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Design. Wildman is now developing a design-led incubator in London.
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Service evidence makes your service real before it is real. This allows companies to prototype new services as if they existed. It also creates new kinds of valuable conversations at all levels of the organization.

Service evidence—whether it's a matchbook or an ATM receipt—is a reminder of a service rendered. You may be surprised at how big a role it can play.