Defining the Role of Service Design in Healthcare


  • Giulia Teso,

    1. Designer whose work focuses on the role of service design in the Italian social-medical context. Her research deals with products and services, in particular with the way in which systems are organized and related. She holds a bachelor's degree in industrial design, focusing on ergonomics, and a master's degree in industrial design, focused on services, both from the Politecnico di Milano.
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  • Giulio Ceppi,

    1. Professor and researcher at Politecnico di Milano and at Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, and also a founder and first director of the master's program in business design at Domus Academy. Ceppi founded Total Tool, a strategic design consultancy based in Milan, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires. He has also worked as a senior design consultant at Philips Design. Ceppi holds a doctorate in industrial design from Politecnico di Milano.
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  • Annarita Furlanetto,

    1. Coordinator of the public relations office for the Italian national healthcare service for the Treviso district. Her degree in statistics is from the University of Padua. She specialized in health sociology and institutional communication.
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  • Claudio Dario,

    1. General director of Padua Hospital and also the head of the Venetian Competence Center for Digital Health, a consortium of 23 health districts and hospitals. He spent several years as general director for the Treviso health district, and also spent time as an interim general director for a second district. Dario's medical degree was granted by the University of Padua. He has specialties in cardiology, hygiene, and preventive medicine.
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  • Gianluigi Scannapieco

    1. Graduated in medicine from the University of Padua, where he also specialized in internal medicine, cardiology, hygiene, and preventive medicine, and where he attended a master's course in medical angiology. He has many years of experience in the field of health management and planning.
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Developments in information technology, as well as the need to conserve resources, are resulting in healthcare systems that place increased value on the patient's input. In Italy, the national health service has taken notice.

The national healthcare service: It's hard to think of a system in which good service design could be more important.