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Orange: A Service Design Case Study


  • Andy Polaine,

    1. Lecturer and research fellow in service design at Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Switzerland. In 1994, he co-founded the award-winning new-media collective Antirom in London and worked with clients such as the BBC, The Science Museum, and Levi Strauss and Co. (for which Antirom won a D&AD Silver Pencil), as well as exhibiting several interactive installations and performances around the world. He was also a producer at dotcom giant Razorfish in the UK before moving to Australia, where he started the interactive department of Animal Logic, a visual effects company. Now living in Germany, Polaine continues to work as an interaction designer, service design researcher, and writer alongside his duties in Lucerne. He has recently completed his PhD exploring interactivity and play and has published more than 160 articles and papers as a journalist and academic.
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  • Lavrans Løvlie,

    1. Worked as a design consultant since 1994. Before setting up the Live|work consultancy in London with Chris Downs and Ben Reason, he worked as an interaction designer in Norway and Denmark. He also served on the committee responsible for the new British Standard for Service Design. In recent years he has lectured and run seminars at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (Italy), Köln International School of Design (Germany), Oslo School of Architecture (Norway), University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland), the Estonian Academy of Arts, and Cranfield School of Management (UK).
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  • Ben Reason

    1. Co-founder of the Live|work consultancy and over the past eight years has directed his passion for social impact projects into delivering successful change for the public sector. He has a background in design and innovation in network enabled services with Razorfish and Oyster Partners, working with Orange, Vodafone, Nokia, Sony, Experian, and Oracle. His academic connections include SAID Business School Oxford, Cranfield Business School, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Köln Institute of Design, and Royal College of Art.
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  • Case study from Service Design: From Insight to Implementation by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie, and Ben Reason © 2013 by the authors. Reprinted courtesy of Rosenfeld Media. A copy of Service Design can be purchased from the Rosenfeld Media Web site. For a 20% discount on this book, enter the code: DMIREVIEW.


The majority of products that we encounter are actually part of a larger service network. In some cases, those touchpoints have been designed. But in many cases, they have just happened organically, with no thought for the whole picture. That's where service design comes in.

This case study explores what happens when a company integrates service experience into its strategy at the outset, rather than leaving it until later.