Learn 2050! How We Transformed America's Learning System


  • Arnold Wasserman

    1. Consultant for innovation and strategy and a pioneer in the field of human-centered design. He is a principal of Collective Invention in San Francisco and chairman of The Idea Factory, Singapore. He has been head of design for NCR, Xerox, and Unisys Corporations; director of the Raymond Loewy design office in Paris, and dean of Pratt Institute of Design in New York. Named a Master of Design by Fast Company magazine, he also serves on numerous boards and consults for numerous corporations, governments, NGOs, foundations, international organizations, consortiums, and design councils. Wasserman speaks and writes frequently at venues around the world. Most recently, he spoke at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Redesigning Learning and as Nierenberg Chair guest professor at Carnegie Mellon University taught a course entitled “Dexign the Future.”
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It's the year 2050 and this pioneer of the Redesign Learning movement is looking back on the parlous state of American public education in the early decades of the century. It was his 2014 call to action that committed America's design community to this public service mission—an initiative that helped kick-start a transformation.

It's the year 2050 and education in America from pre-K to college is free. You don’t have to choose between the humanities and an all-out prep for a technical career. And it's all because educators and legislators stopped focusing on education and started thinking about learning.