Design + Organization Development: Three Steps on the Bridge to the Other Side


  • Alex M. Dunne,

    1. Principal consultant at Locomotive Partners, a consulting firm connecting design management and organization development to business results. Through facilitation and team coaching, his dual approach of strengthening the organization and its people has served teams in the US and Europe for more than 20 years. He presents and publishes regularly, is a past member of the OD Network Advisory Board, and currently serves on the board of Seattle's Community Consulting Partnership, a coalition of nonprofit and organization development professionals.
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  • Tonya M. Peck

    1. Principal consultant at Locomotive Partners. She has worked with a wide range of design leaders and teams across European design studios, Asian factories, and US corporate offices for major brands like American Express, Razorfish, Microsoft, frog, and POSSIBLE. She is a long-time member of DMI, and has supported its growth by co-founding the Design Leadership webinar series (now in its ninth year), serving on editorial and advisory boards, writing for the DMI Review, and presenting at conferences.
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These organization development specialists offer some ways to make your staff meetings and meetings with clients more interesting, more inclusive, and more productive. You can start the process by taking out some chairs and leaving out the PowerPoint presentation.

In which we learn something about organization development, and how to run a meeting that isn't filled with bored people staring at their laptops.