Increasing Student Interest and Engagement with Business Cases by Turning Them into Consulting Exercises


  • We are grateful to the Area Editor and three reviewers for their constructive comments and feedback. The first author wishes to thank Professors Paulo Gomes, Phil Licari, and Ivor Morgan at Babson College for their collaboration with the preparation and administration of the consulting exercise, help in data collection and comments on an earlier draft of this article.

Corresponding author.


How can you get undergraduate students more interested and engaged with business cases? Instead of using the traditional case teaching format, turn the case into a consulting exercise. Give students only the managerial dilemma and some starting information, form them into consulting teams, and then have each team requests additional case information by submitting a restricted number of questions. Through successive rounds, teams will gather enough information and data to analyze the situation and develop a set of recommendations. This approach transforms case-based learning from a passive analysis of case details to an active process of discovery through smart questioning.