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Encouraging E-Textbook Adoption: Merging Two Models



This research builds a new model by drawing upon e-textbook adoption models developed in two recent publications, which share similarities but have different findings. Although they both achieve positive results, these two prior e-textbook studies employ different methods and background theories. This research bridges these earlier models and develops a third, parsimonious, blended model for e-textbook adoption.

Using a survey of undergraduate students, the authors first assess each model independently. Broadening the diversity of the sample population yields results that are similar, yet slightly different from those found in the prior two studies. Next, this study develops a single blended, parsimonious model that explains a higher proportion of the variance than the prior studies with just three constructs: perceived usefulness, hedonic motivation, and habit. In addition to developing and testing a new parsimonious model, this research provides theoretical and practical guidance for e-textbook usage.