Pincer nail deformity (PND) is a dystrophy characterized by transverse overcurvature of the nail plate that may cause intractable pain and decrease the quality of life of patients.


To evaluated the efficacy of a superelastic nickel–titanium (SE NiTi) wire for the treatment of PND using transverse curvature improvement and subjective assessment of pain relief during and after the treatment.


SE NiTi wire was implanted over the distal tip of the nail for the treatment of PND in 43 patients (28 female, 15 male), with a total of 73 digits receiving treatment. Evaluations of improvement included measuring changes in transverse curvature of the nail and subjective assessment of pain relief throughout the follow-up period.


In all patients, treatment of the pincer nail with implantation of SE NiTi wire achieved satisfactory results. Significant improvement (p < .05) of the transverse overcurvature of the nail was seen in all patients at 2 months, and relief of pain was determined in 100% of cases throughout our follow-up period.


This simple SE NiTi wire insertion method is noninvasive and inexpensive, leaves no cosmetic disfigurement, and leads to excellent therapeutic results. Patients achieved great satisfaction. Thus, this technique should be considered the first line of treatment in the correction of mild to moderate PND.