Little is known about postoperative preferences regarding dermatologic surgery.


To determine patient preferences for postoperative follow-up after dermatologic surgery, desired follow-up interval, reasons for desired follow-up or lack thereof, and factors that may be associated with these preferences.

Materials and Methods

Patients who underwent Mohs micrographic surgery or excision within 24 months of Mohs micrographic surgery or excision were retrospectively surveyed regarding their postoperative follow-up preferences. Procedure, tumor attributes, complications, and medications were recorded.


Eighty-nine percent of patients considered postoperative follow-up important, with 55% opting for follow-up within 4 weeks and an additional 29.1% within 2 to 3 months. After multivariate analyses, there were no significantly associated covariates of interest regarding preference for follow-up. Reasons for desiring follow-up included to ensure the wound healed well (50%), to ensure the cancer had not returned (27.9%), and to examine the rest of the skin (18.6%).


A majority of patients desired postoperative follow-up visits for a variety of reasons. Anticipation of postoperative concerns should be included in dermatologic surgery planning.