Clearance of genital warts in pregnant women by mild local hyperthermia: a pilot report


  • Funding/Support: This work was partly supported by Public Welfare Research Fund for Healthcare (201202013) and Innovative Research Teams in Universities, Liaoning Bureau of Education (LT2011012).
  • Declaration of Interest: None declared.


Genital warts acquired during pregnancy tend to grow fast, and management is challenging. We treated two cases of primipara with extensive genital warts by local hyperthermia at 44°C for 30 minutes a day for 3 consecutive days plus 2 additional days 1 week later, then once a week till there showed signs of clinical regression. The warty lesions in the patients resolved in 5 and 7 weeks, respectively. There was no sign of recurrence during a 6-month follow-up. This suggests that local hyperthermia seems to be a promising method for treating genital warts in pregnant women.