Novel topical cream delivers safe and effective alternative to traditional psoriasis phototherapy



In today's environment of shrinking reimbursement and coverage for many health care procedures, phototherapy for psoriasis has experienced a major decline. Once hailed as the cornerstone of psoriasis therapy, the increasing cost and demanding treatment regimen has resulted in low compliance, limiting access to this safe and effective mode of treatment. We have previously reported on the development and in vitro evaluation of a topical cream that selectively filters solar radiation to deliver narrow-band ultraviolet B. Here, we present the results of a pilot study in psoriasis patients. After an average of 38 sessions, all patients in the treatment arm responded to therapy. In particular, 43% of the treatment group experienced complete clearance and the remainder experienced at a minimum 50% lesion clearance. In contrast, none of the patients in the placebo arm experienced more than 20% lesion clearance. Our preliminary results demonstrate that the novel topical cream could provide a safe, effective, and convenient alternative to artificial light phototherapy.