echo12271-sup-0001-Movie1.avivideo/avi3014KMovie clip S1. Two-dimensional mid-esophageal short-axis TEE view of the bicuspid aortic valve in color-compare mode, showing a joint left and right coronary cusp, with diastolic anterior prolapse of the joint cusp and secondary severe aortic regurgitation.
echo12271-sup-0002-Movie2.avivideo/avi1131KMovie clip S2. Two-dimensional mid-esophageal three-chamber TEE view in color-compare mode at mid-diastole showing the severe eccentric aortic regurgitant jet restricting normal anterior mitral leaflet opening.
echo12271-sup-0003-Movie3.avivideo/avi963KMovie clip S3. Real-time three-dimensional TEE in mid-diastole ("surgeon's view"), depicting an altered mitral inflow orifice caused by the severe eccentric aortic regurgitant jet. There is an almost complete obstruction of A2 anterior mitral leaflet opening, whereas section A3 is only moderately obstructed and section A1 opens relatively normal.

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