echo12302-sup-0001-Video1.avivideo/avi7832KMovie clip S1. In the mid-esophageal plane and close to an angle of 0°, the four-chamber view was obtained.
echo12302-sup-0002-Video2.avivideo/avi7311KMovie clip S2. Close to an angle of 90°, the mid-esophageal bicaval view was obtained.
echo12302-sup-0003-Video3.avivideo/avi9902KMovie clip S3. With further rotation, in the mid-esophageal plane and close to an angle of 120°, the en face view of the CS was obtained. The roof of the CS, which was beyond the realm of the atrial septum, was partial absent.
echo12302-sup-0004-Video4.avivideo/avi2092KMovie clip S4. A shunt from the LA through the defect to the dilated CS, and ultimately to the RA was confirmed by the color Doppler flow imaging.

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