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ede12023-0001-sm-SupApp-S1.doc58KAppendix S1. Developmental dataset.
ede12023-0002-sm-SupApp-S2.doc34KAppendix S2. Supplementary information about materials and methods.
ede12023-0003-sm-SupApp-S3.fas5KAppendix S3A. Alignment of developmental data from ClustalW.
ede12023-0004-sm-SupApp-S4.fas4KAppendix S3B.
ede12023-0005-sm-SupApp-S5.fas4KAppendix S4A.
ede12023-0006-sm-SupApp-S6.fas3KAppendix S4B.
ede12023-0007-sm-SupFig-S1.pdf288KFigure S1. Bayesian ancestral state reconstructions.
ede12023-0008-sm-SupFig-S2.pdf729KFigure S2. Complete output of the report (diagnosis) command in POY.
ede12023-0009-sm-SupFig-S3.pdf212KFigure S3. Parsimony ancestral state reconstruction of one ontogenetic character.
ede12023-0010-sm-SupTab-S1.doc43KTable S1. Literature used to build the developmental dataset.

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