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Figure S1. Detail of ventral prosomal complex of Dll-dsRNA injected embryos. (A) Strong phenotype with retention of coxae only (dotted lines). Note absence of coxal apophyses and exposure of the oral cavity (M). (B) Strong phenotype with retention of coxae (dotted lines) and trochanters (brackets for two legs on the right side of the embryo). Note retention of basal-most part of chelicerae, absence of coxal apophyses, and exposure of the oral cavity. Scale bars for all figures are 200 μm.


Figure S2. First walking leg (L1) mounts of stage 20 control (A) and dac dsRNA (B and C) injected embryos. Arrowheads denote locations of segmental boundaries.


Table S1. Raw data of distribution of phenotypes upon injection of Dll-dsRNA and dac-dsRNA.

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