een12069-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfPDF document228KFigures S1. Prevalence of (a) Nosema, (b) Crithidia, and (c) conopid infections over time, and comparison of infection intensities between sampling events 1 and 2 (June vs. July) for (d) Nosema and (e) Crithidia. With the exception of conopid prevalence, there were no discernible temporal patterns of infection prevalence. There were not significant differences in infection intensity between June and July collections (χ2–tests).
een12069-sup-0002-TableS1.docxWord 2007 document51KTable S1. Summary of Nosema, Crithidia, and conopid parasite infections in bumble bees across sites and species.
een12069-sup-0003-TableS2.docxWord 2007 document40KTable S2. Odds ratios (ORs) and confidence limits produced from logistic regression analyses and Fisher's Exact Tests examining factors that influence parasitism.

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