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Quetiapine XR-induced neutropenia: is a clozapine trial still possible for treatment-resistant schizophrenia? A case report


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Our case report addresses the use of clozapine in patients who have a history of quetiapine XR-induced neutropenia. There are no current guidelines for this situation.


We present the case of a young woman treated with clozapine at a first-episode psychosis clinic after a moderate quetiapine XR-induced neutropenia (0,5–1,0 × 109 L−1).


The patient was successfully treated with clozapine and lithium, with less psychotic symptoms and a better level of functioning. The neutrophil count remained normal during the treatment period, which has been longer than a year.


The outcome of this case supports the notion that clinicians could consider introducing clozapine in treatment-refractory patients who have a history of quetiapine XR-induced neutropenia, with close blood monitoring. Lithium co-administration may play a role in maintaining a normal neutrophil count.