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A Delphi approach to define learning outcomes and assessment




The aim of this study was to use a Delphi process for curriculum revision facilitating staff collaboration and curriculum ‘alignment’ in the orthodontic specialist training programme in Cardiff.


A 2-round modified Delphi process was employed to achieve consensus amongst a heterogeneous panel with regard to the learning outcomes and assessment methods, which initially were defined according to formal directives and local initiatives. The panel comprised of nine staff members (five consultants, a professor, a reader, a lecturer and a student) who were working in the orthodontic department in Cardiff and involved in the process of curriculum revision.


The response rate to the questionnaires was 77.8%. The staff members' consensus achieved in the Delphi process was 98.4% for the learning outcomes and assessment. The results of the Delphi process provided a list of outcomes and their appropriate assessment methods for the specialist orthodontist in Cardiff.

Discussion and Conclusion

The results show that the Delphi process was an efficient and cost-effective technique to achieve consensus of opinion on the learning outcomes and the assessment methods for the specialist orthodontist as part of the process of curriculum revision in Cardiff.

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