ejn12010-sup-FigS1.tifimage/tif169KFig. S1. Total activity measures for the L/D test (A) (= 25, WT; = 7, mPer1;= 12, mPer2;= 11, mPer1/2) and EPM test (B) (= 20, WT; = 8, mPer1;= 14, mPer2;= 9, mPer1/2) for the mPer mutant animals. Total crosses in the EPM for the AAV-mPer1;mPer2 shRNA infused animals (= 10) vs. WT (= 11). (C). Percent time in the closed arms (D,E) and center (F,G) of the EPM for the mPer mutant animals (D,F) and AAV-mPer1;mPer2 shRNA infused animals (E,G). No significant differences were found in any of these measures.
ejn12010-sup-FiguS2.tifimage/tif60KFig. S2. Social interaction measures of animals following 10 days of social defeat stress and 28 days of fluoxetine treatment. Placebo treated mice spent less time interacting with a target mouse and there was a significant defeat × fluoxetine interaction, F1,140 = 21.33, P < 0.05 (n = 37–41/group).
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