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Fig. S1. Histological representation of dissection placements in the dorso-lateral “DLS” (A) and medio-lateral “MLS” striatum (B).

Fig. S2. Mean blood ethanol concentrations following viral injection. (A) Mean BEC of LV-siR124a, LV-Mock and LV-miR124a –injected rats (n = 4, 3, 4). (B) Mean BEC of LV-Mock and LV-BDNF –injected rats (n = 3 & 6). For all groups, viral vectors were injected into the DLS and BEC was assessed following a single injection with ethanol (3 g/kg body weight, i.p.). Blood was collected from the tail vein at various times after injection and analysed to determine the ethanol concentration. Values represent the mean ± SEM. *P < 0.000, the difference between 0.5- and 4-h (repeated measures one-way anova, Bonferroni's post hoc test).

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