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Data S1. Supporting Information.

Fig. S1. (A) There was a significant correlation between the whole brain and muscle tissue signal intensity, suggesting the whole brain signal intensity reflects inhomogenity in the excitation field. (B) Regression analysis showed that muscle tissue and pituitary gland signal intensity were not related to the phenotype indicating systemic differences in Mn2+ uptake were similar between mouse lines. (C) The body weight did not differ between F-S and F-R lines and differences in Mn2+ uptake were not due to differences in body weight. (D) Mean ± SEM normalised signal intensity for all ROIs from the High and Low lines. 3D ROIs for the muscle (top panel) and pituitary gland (bottom panel).

Fig. S2. Principal components analysis (PCA) on 12 cases and 29 regions of interest (ROIs).

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