Corrigendum to Hussey et al. ()



This article corrects:

  1. Rescaling the trophic structure of marine food webs Volume 17, Issue 2, 239–250, Article first published online: 6 December 2013

The authors provide corrections for two equation errors, one in the main manuscript text and one in Supplementary Material File S4 of Hussey et al. (2014). A spelling mistake in one of the figure axes is also corrected. The errors are as follows:

1. Within the main manuscript (page 241; bottom of text column two), the following equation to calculate trophic position (TP) using a scaled Δ15N framework based on a dietary δ15N value-dependent Δ15N model was presented;

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The TP of the baseline organism was omitted from this equation and must be added to obtain an absolute TP value for the organism of interest. The corrected equation is consequently;

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where TPbase is the trophic position of the consumer used to define δ15Nbase (i.e. TP = 2 or 3).

2. In the supplementary material file titled, ‘ele12226-sup-0004-SupplementaryMaterialS4’, equation (S3) was written as follows which is incorrect;

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The above equation has now been corrected to;

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following the same equation presented in the manuscript text (page 242; top of text column one).

In addition, the equations in Supplementary Material File S4 have been reordered; the above equation is now listed as (S4). The corrected Supplementary Material File S4 has been provided as the online Supporting Information of this corrigendum (entitled ‘ele_12270-sup-0001-SupplementaryMaterialS4 CORRECTED’)

3. In Figure 6, a spelling mistake in the x-axis legends of (a), (c), (e) and (g) reads ‘basline organism’ and should be corrected to ‘baseline organism’.