Corrigendum to Ferguson and Ponciano ()



This article corrects:

  1. Predicting the process of extinction in experimental microcosms and accounting for interspecific interactions in single-species time series Volume 17, Issue 2, 251–259, Article first published online: 5 December 2013


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The authors of Ferguson and Ponciano (2014) would like to correct the following errors found in the paper and online Supporting Information. These errors, however, do not affect the main analysis or the interpretation of our results in any manner. We would like to thank Michael Barfield for pointing these out.

1. On page 256, the second sentence in the second column should read “A negligible AR term in the simple community is indicative that inter- and intraspecific forces are balanced, whereas the presence of all negative AR terms in the complex communities indicates that intraspecific interactions are weaker than the interspecific growth and interaction terms.”

2. In the derivation of the ARMA model in Appendix B [online Supporting Information (SI); revised SI provided with this corrigendum], there is an error in the last term of the derivation of equation B3. This equation should read:

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This error does not propagate through the analysis.

3. The variance term γ0 given on page B2 (online SI; revised SI provided with this corrigendum) is missing a squared term on b12 and should read:

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This error propagates to the result given in equation (B5); where the term B(t) should now be:

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