The scripts of the Prague Sacramentary, Prague Archivo O 83



This article considers the light the scripts of the Prague Sacramentary throw on its place of production and early cultural and historical context. While various suggestions have been made about both its production and its early history, Bavaria and north Italy have been the generally agreed principal visible influences in its production, and the book's early history is associated with Carolingian Bavaria. The limitations of palaeographical evidence, in terms of using it to try and resolve issues of origin or place of production, are addressed first. The palaeography of the manuscript can tell us only the probable place where the scribes were trained and this cannot necessarily be equated with the origin of the book. These scribes were clearly open to Insular, Frankish and Italian influences, whether directly through the training and teaching process or indirectly through exemplars. The article concludes that the scribes of this codex had been trained to write in south-east Bavaria.