Growth of Slender Banksia from seedling planting, with and without fertiliser


  • By Peter J. Grose


Slender Banksia (Banksia attenuata) is a primary component of declining Banksia woodlands around Perth, south-western Australia. It is important that its re-establishment be promoted, but there are little data on its growth rates and response to applied nutrients. To quantify longer-term growth rate, I periodically measured heights of Slender Banksia planted mid-2005 over 7½ years. Without fertiliser, these seedlings grew slowly to about 1½ m. In mid-2009, I planted Slender Banksia on the same site, with and without fertiliser tablets, and evaluated survival, growth and root development over 1½ years. First-summer Slender Banksia seedling survival of around 30% was not unusual for this species. Low-phosphorus native plant fertiliser tablets increased growth significantly.