Project Summaries

Many projects were completed over the 10 years of the Native Fish Strategy (NFS). These projects were often multifaceted and while most of the outcomes were published in peer reviewed journals many outcomes are only available in internal documents. These summaries provide a snapshot of the depth and breadth of the work completed for the NFS but also provide links to the full project reports.

Rehabilitating Fish Habitat

1. Impacts of managed flows on fish spawning and recruitment

2. Assessment of fish recruitment in Barmah-Millewa Forest during flooding and non-flooding

3. Assessing the costs and benefits of re-snagging to enhance fish communities downstream of Yarrawonga on the Murray River

4. Understanding the effects of environmental flow allocations on the lateral movements of native fish in the Barmah-Millewa Forest

5. Establishing a framework for developing and implementing ecological monitoring and evaluation of aquatic rehabilitation in demonstration reaches

Protecting Fish Habitat

1. Contribution of anabranches to the protection and enhancement of Murray Cod populations

2. The identification and protection of drought refuges for native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin

3. Audit of water quality problems arising from land use in the Murray-Darling Basin

Managing Riverine Structures

1. Examination of options for removal and disposal of Carp from fishways along the Murray River – including the Williams' Carp Separation Cage

2. Investigating innovations in vertical slot fishway design

3. Carp Separation Cages

4. An assessment of a dual-frequency identification sonar (DIDSON) to complement fish migration studies in the Murray-Darling Basin

5. Assessing fishway options for weirs of the northern Murray-Darling Basin

6. Evaluation of carp exclusion screens at wetland inlets

7. Sea to Hume Fishways – lessons from monitoring

8. Quantifying and mitigating the impact of weirs on downstream passage of native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin

9. Mesoscale movements of small and medium-sized fish in the Murray-Darling Basin

10. Using hydroacoustics to monitor fish migration

11. Assessment of an infrared fish counter (Vaki Riverwatcher) to quantify fish migrations in the Murray-Darling Basin

12. Counting Murray-Darling fishes by validating sounds associated with spawning

13. Downstream transport of larval and juvenile fish in the Murray River

14. Development of fish screening criteria for water diversions in the Murray-darling Basin

Controlling Alien Species

1. Assessing the recovery of fish communities following removal of the introduced Eastern Gambusia

2. Development of fish screening criteria for water diversions in the Murray-Darling Basin

3. Behavioural aggression in Gambusia holbrooki is conditional upon temperature and relative abundance

4. Assessing the effectiveness of Integrated Pest Management in Queensland

5. Design and installation of a novel wetland Carp harvesting set up at Lake Bonney, South Australia

6. Preliminary investigation of an “Achilles Heel” for control of Redfin Perch in New South Wales

7. The potential for Mozambique Tilapia to invade the Murray-Darling Basin and the likely impacts: a review of existing information

Protecting Threatened Native Fish Species

1. An analysis of native fish decline in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB)

2. Scoping and developing an information system for native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin

3. Scoping the knowledge requirements for Murray Crayfish

4. Assessing the susceptibility of previously untested basin fish species to Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus (EHNV) and its epidemiology in the wild

5. Developing a ‘toolkit’ for management of freshwater protected areas in the Murray-Darling Basin

6. Scoping study to determine the methodologies and data availability for identifying native fish hotspots in the Murray-Darling Basin

7. Management of genetic resources within the Murray-Darling Basin

8. Assessment of a potential to develop population models for priority species in the Murray-Darling Basin

9. Developing a population model for Murray Cod (Macculochella peelii) to address key management actions

10. Understanding the original distribution and abundance of fish fauna in the Murray-Darling Basin

Managing Fish Translocation and Stocking

1. Assessing the impacts of native fish stocking on fish within the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB)

2. Investigating strategies to improve post release survival of hatchery-reared threatened fish species

3. Evaluating use of chemical marking in monitoring stocked fish