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Consumption of Habenaria sagittifera pollinia by juveniles of the katydid Ducetia japonica



While Habenaria (Orchidaceae) is a species-rich genus and the orchid diversification is considered to be tightly related to its diverse pollination system, floral visitors of few Habenaria spp. have been studied. Here, we investigated the diurnal floral visitors of Habenaria sagittifera. While Orthoptera have not been considered a regular floral visitor, we observed that juvenile katydid Ducetia japonica (Tettigoniidae) regularly visited and consumed the pollinia and anther caps of H. sagittifera. The relationship between Habenaria and Ducetia would not be a tight mutualism. However, the regular visitation and pollinia consumption may showcase the evolutionary route to Orthoptera–orchid pollination mutualism.