• biodiversity;
  • Bonin;
  • green anoles;
  • oceanic islands;
  • parasitoid;
  • taxonomy


The genus Stephanus Jurine (in Panzer) is newly recorded from Japan and is represented by a new species. S. anijimensis sp. nov. from Anijima Island of the Ogasawara Islands. This species resembles S. tridentatus van Achterberg & Yang from the Oriental part of China, but can be distinguished by the combination of following characters: pronotum with a cavity under pronotal fold (cavity absent in S. tridentatus); hind femur comparatively slender, 4.8–5.1 times as long as maximum width (about 4.1 times in S. tridentatus); apical 0.5 of hind femur black or blackish-brown (more or less yellowish in S. tridentatus). This new species was not found from other islands of the Ogasawara Islands, in which fauna is being severely endangered mainly due to predation by the introduced green anoles. Recently, it was introduced into Anijima Island in March 2013 and thus the extinction risk of this species is very high on this island.