Thank you


  • Philip A. Schwartzkroin Ph.D.,

  • Simon D. Shorvon M.D.

We are now in our last year as Editors-in-Chief of Epilepsia. We will pass the baton to new editors in July, 2013, wishing them the same good fortune that we’ve had since 2006—to work with an outstanding group of Associate Editors, a wonderfully supportive Epilepsia production team, and a dedicated group of reviewers. We take this opportunity to thank them all for helping to make Epilepsia the premier international epilepsy subspecialty journal.

The Journal’s devotion to publishing the best in epilepsy research—clinical and basic science—has been rewarded by your submissions of outstanding manuscripts and loyal readership. We are proud to note that in addition to reaching an impact factor of ∼4 (currently 3.96), Epilepsia has also established a “brand” look—a presence that reflects the sponsorship of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) and the long-term commitment of our editorial team.

Indeed, many of our Associate Editors have provided service for many years:

Similarly, since 2006 we have had the good fortune to work with two superb Managing Editors—Alison Alsmeyer (2006–2010) and Laurie Beninsig (2010–present). We are particularly indebted to these hard-working, wonderfully efficient (and understanding) individuals, without whom the editorial machinery of this Journal would not function. And we happily thank Elizabeth Mobayed who has been responsible for the design of our covers since 2007.

The Wiley-Blackwell publishing team has established and maintained a high degree of professionalism and service to the Journal. They have been active partners in the production of Epilepsia, and we once again would like to acknowledge their contributions, particularly: Alison Labbate (Publisher), Cathy Krendel (Editor), Brian Coughlin (Production Editor), and Chris Coia (Supplements Editor).

As is our custom at this time of year, we would like to offer our special thanks to all of you (almost 1,000 of you!) who have given of your time and expertise to review manuscripts for Epilepsia. We are grateful, especially, to the Journal’s frequent reviewers. This year’s frequent reviewers, to whom we extend our Frequent Reviewer Reward, are as follows:

Dieter Schmidt

Heidrun Potschka

Paul Buckmaster

Andrey Mazarati

Marco de Curtis

Josemir Sander

Massimo Avoli

Frank Besag

Ingmar Blümcke

Mervyn Eadie

Jerome Engel, Jr.

Nathalie Jetté

Astrid Nehlig

Rainer Surges

Stéphane Auvin

Andre Palmini

Steven Roper

David Berry

Fernando Cendes

Valerio Conti

Dale Hesdorffer

Svein Johannessen

Mitsuhiro Kato

Fernando Lopes da Silva

Anthony Marson

Elson So

Paolo Tinuper

Aristea Galanopoulou

Uwe Heinemann

Carla Marini

Davide Mei

Marco Mula

Rima Nabbout

Lina Nashef

Felix Rosenow

Pasquale Striano

Gilles van Luijtelaar

Nadir Bharucha

Leonardo Bonilha

Athanasios Covanis

Paolo Federico

William Gaillard

Cynthia Harden

Lawrence Hirsch

Rüdiger Köhling

Eric Kossoff

Wolfgang Löscher

Massimo Mantegazza

Aidan Neligan

Charles Newton

Terence O’Brien

Deb Pal

Chrysostomos Panayiotopoulos

Pierre-Marie Preux

Mark Quigg

Guido Rubboli

Rod Scott

Prabha Siddarth

Richard Staba

Peter Wolf

Next December, the editors’ thank-you note will come from fresh hands. We are confident that the new editors of Epilepsia will maintain its high quality, and bring exciting new features to the Journal. Our tenure as Editors-in-Chief has been extraordinarily educational and rewarding. We thank the ILAE for giving us this opportunity. And we thank you, our readers, for your support.