7th Baltic Sea Summer School on Epilepsy (BSSSE)

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  2. 4th London-Innsbruck Coloquium on Status Epilepticus and Acute Seizures
  3. 7th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
  4. 15th Annual Meeting of the Infantile Seizure Society (ISS)
  5. Curing Epilepsies 2013: Pathways Forward
  6. 6th International Epilepsy Colloquium
  7. 12th Workshop on the Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONOEP 2013)
  8. 30th International Epilepsy Congress
  9. 7th Baltic Sea Summer School on Epilepsy (BSSSE)

August 18–23, 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia. The BSSSE is designed for medical postgraduates and junior researchers (age up to about 40) with a special clinical/scientific interest in epilepsy. It is clinically oriented and focused on the comprehensive aspects of diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, as well as encouraging research interests. The interactive course format involves combinations of lectures and group work, with case-oriented studies. For more information, contact Petra Novotny at, or see BSSSE7 on the Foundation website