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The Creation and Configuration of Infrastructure for Entrepreneurship in Emerging Domains of Activity


  • Jennifer L. Woolley

    Assistant Professor, Corresponding author
    1. The Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, USA
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Entrepreneurship is a perilous endeavor. Contextual changes, such as nascent technology emergence or new industry creation, can spawn entrepreneurial opportunities; however, these changes do not instantaneously create the resources and structures that new firms need to survive. This study examines the creation and configuration of the contextual infrastructure necessary for nascent technology entrepreneurship in new industries. Using the case of nanotechnology, I show how the elements of infrastructure emerge and configure through systemic coevolution. The data highlight how boundary crossing and obfuscation induces the configuration of separate elements into a cohesive infrastructure through heightened interaction and interdependence of organizations and institutions, both private and public.